Digital advertising is changing
We’ll help you move into the future.
A trusted collaborative economy that creates value and sustainable growth for advertisers, agencies, and media suppliers.
New privacy
laws mean that reliance on cookies, DMPs, clean rooms and centralized data repositories for collaboration between advertisers and media suppliers isn't sustainable.

We’ve embraced the potential of federated learning, the tried and trusted technology used in banking and healthcare. We’re using it to solve today’s marketing problems. Resolve is new. It’s world leading. And it’s coming at just the right time. The results? Better intelligence, smarter activation, and more accurate measurement.

Join us on this journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future for our industry.

Empowering a trusted
  • Why Trusted?

    There’s no need to move or share people’s data. Scale becomes possible, and insights more diverse, accurate, and inclusive.

  • Why Collaborative?

    Advertisers, agencies, and publishers align on how their intelligence will be used.

  • Why an Economy?

    Everyone feels the benefit, with complete transparency, and power and value evenly shared.

  • our products
We’re the people that are bringing big change.

A neat, global solution in an age of problems. Innovators, problem solvers, and technology experts, with a track record of delivering groundbreaking solutions for adtech, SaaS, cloud engineering, and data privacy. Supported by the scale of the WPP and working in collaboration with trusted brand and media partners across the network.

Meet the team
We are a Choreograph company

Choreograph™ is WPP’s global data and technology products company, transforming the value of data for our clients and the media ecosystem. We’re building the world’s fastest, most connected media platform to help our clients reach their marketing objectives responsibly and realize the full value of their data. Our products bridge strategy with scaled activation, enabling our clients to do more with smarter executions, from audience insights and planning to predictive analytics to AI-based media optimization.

Open to big ideas?

We cultivate an environment where pushing boundaries and achieving advancement are of the utmost importance.

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