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As we wave goodbye to third-party cookies, it feels like digital advertising just got a little bit trickier. But we have the answer.

Our model

Resolve models audience behaviors within advertiser and publisher first-party data to create audience segments that can be bought across biddable channels and thousands of media suppliers – all while keeping everyone’s privacy secure.

We help you extract more value out of your hard-earned first-party data so you can reach more customers in uncontested biddable impressions.

We also have hundreds of existing segments built in partnership with our WPP media supplier network that help you extend the reach of your campaigns today into inventory that you would otherwise not be able to buy.

Whether you are buying off the shelf targeting from publisher data or building custom segments from your first-party data, Resolve gives you access to data you never had before.


Why you should use Resolve
  1. Reach incremental audiences in high-value environments like Safari, iOS and Firefox.
  2. Dramatically reduce costs by addressing customers in uncontested inventory.
  3. Realise the full value of your first-party data, by using 100% of it for the first time ever.


Reach incremental audiences in high-value environments

Resolve reaches audiences that aren’t available as standard in your DSP, in restricted browsers and operating systems like Safari, iOS and Firefox, unlocking huge new addressable audiences ready for you to target.

high-value environment


Dramatically reduce costs by buying uncontested impressions

By modelling audiences from our media partners and uncovering customers in previously non-addressable inventory, we give you access to uncontested impressions, dramatically reducing costs.

uncontested impressions


Realise the full value of your first-party data for the first time

We believe in a person’s right to privacy, so we don’t use invasive tracking or individual IDs to target specific people or match to other IDs. Instead, we build models on the behaviour of every single person that you or our publishers have data on, whether it is visits, CRM or any other first-party data set. Then we can target and personalise media to those behaviours – not individuals – on thousands of publisher websites, or your own site.

first-party data

  • Insights

    We deployed our audience models to an FMCG brand to give them a full view of their customers’ behaviors and preferences. With this increased intelligence they were able to optimize their targeting to decrease CPA by 10% compared to traditional cookieless solutions.


  • Performance

    Advertisers using Resolve in the UK have already been able to reach 3x as many restricted Safari users. That means they’re getting 20% more out of their media investment.


See our Resolve Cohorts campaign in partnership with PubMatic
  • Is Resolve a clean-room solution?

    No, Resolve is not a clean-room solution. It relies on unique technologies of federated learning and distributed computing. However, it works in tandem with clean rooms to address some of the disadvantages of scale that clean rooms present. It can also use clean rooms as a means of enabling vertical federated learning.

  • Why Resolve over clean rooms?

    Resolve is a complementary technology to clean rooms. Clean rooms present challenges for integration into buying platforms and see a 64% drop-off from your first-party data to matching to a customer in a DSP. Resolve doesn’t rely on individual IDs. So, we don’t suffer the multiple match-rate issues that you may experience with clean rooms. Because we work closely with media suppliers too, we have unique visibility into where your customers (and people who look like your customers) are engaging with media, so you can reach more people than ever before.

  • This all sounds complex, why wouldn’t I just stick with existing DSP segments?

    These segments are going to fundamentally change in the next 12 months, so you should start planning your next step now. What’s more, they’re generic segments that your competitors will be using, driving up the price, and your cost per impression. Resolve segments are built on your first-party data, so they’re closer to your business needs and will drive more efficient and effective growth.

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