The only demand
driven revenue
generator for
media suppliers

Resolve helps you monetize 100% of your inventory by making sure it’s a perfect match for what advertisers are buying. And we do it all without moving or sharing your first-party data.

Perfect alignment between advertisers and media suppliers

Your inventory becomes more valuable from day one as we help you use all of your first-party data to work with the biggest advertisers. Because we understand their target audience, we automatically align your data with their media-buying strategies, unlocking its value and making it fit demand at scale.

of your inventory

Maximum efficiency for sellers

No more second-guessing ideal segments, aligning data models, and cross-referencing audiences. We package your entire inventory in a way that advertisers will buy, saving you time and resources.

missed opportunities

Retain control of data and preserve privacy

We bring buy-side models to run in your cloud environment to leverage 100% of your data without any leakage. With Resolve, your data never leaves your servers, meaning privacy is protected and you remain in complete control.
We’ll give you the levers to make the most of your inventory. For the best returns.


  • Full addressability across your inventory

    We worked with four of the UK’s largest media owners to resolve unknown users. We were able to make 100% of their inventory addressable and bring Safari take-rates up from 20% to 50%, as well as 3x their cross-campaign CPM for the unknown users.


  • Packaged for you

    We helped a global streaming service package their entire inventory with “WPP Occasions”. This opened global spend from WPP’s CPG clients. For the seller, it was easy – and their data never left their servers.

  • Keep control of data

    Media companies shouldn’t surrender their data to third parties – Resolve’s platform ensures your inventory is securely packaged inside your environment. Activation occurs seamlessly without any leaks, and your data stays shielded from the wider ecosystem.

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