Reinventing the
AdTech ecosystem
Unlocking incremental growth opportunities while keeping full control of your first-party data and your users private.

Our technology

At Resolve, we empower the biggest advertisers and media suppliers to tackle today's first-party data marketing challenges using federated learning technology and distributed collaboration.

Our distributed AI models provide unparalleled audience intelligence in a privacy-safe way. This technology has already proven its effectiveness in healthcare and finance, solving challenges that require complex data collaboration across silos. Now, we’re bringing the same potential to the marketing industry.

  1. We never move or share personal data
  2. We compute everything at the edge
  3. We embrace federated learning to inform our evolution

The groundbreaking ad tech platform designed to transform your advertising strategies. With unrivalled audience insights you can unleash the full potential of your data for incremental growth. You’ll be in complete control of your data and user privacy will remain protected while you take your advertising to new heights.

Resolve Platform

For Advertisers

With Resolve’s advertiser platform you’ll have access to new insights from your own data combined with unseen media-side intelligence to guide your investment.

Our AI models allow you to reach more valuable audiences and tap into uncontested growth opportunities. You’ll no longer be restricted by smaller pools of IDs and shrinking match rates, and can grow your business with incremental reach and uncontested impressions.

Resolve For Advertisers
  • Media partnerships

Enrich your customer knowledge with mindset and behavioural data from millions of consumers of the world’s leading media platforms via our media partnerships. You’ll gain a comprehensive customer view and unleash a wealth of creative and planning opportunities to optimize your media planning and boost your ROI.

  • Plan with data you never had

Using learnings from our media partnerships you can enrich insights on your known customers for a more complete understanding of your customer base. Apply these insights to create campaigns with better outcomes and creative messaging for maximizing ROI of your investment.

reach of audience population


  • Cookie-less patterns
  • Future proof cohorts

With Resolve’s distributed technology, you can reach incremental customers with the same patterns as your most valuable homepage visitors. Resolve’s futureproof cohorts give you access to customers your competitors can’t reach at a lower cost. By targeting undervalued users, including those that traditional third-party cookie solutions can’t access, you’ll grow your market share and increase your ROI.

Increase your campaign effectiveness by


For Media Suppliers

We’re reimagining the way you package your inventory, generating more value through better collaboration with advertisers and agencies.

Resolve for Media Suppliers
  • Audience insights dashboard
  • Packaging your inventory

Get clearer insight into the value of your inventory. Our audience insights dashboard shows you which audiences are performing best and generating the most yield. So, you can package and build more of the inventory that creates value for advertisers and an increased yield for you.

Align your data with demand


With our technology, advertisers and media suppliers gain:
Unmatched data granularity and insights (29% higher granularity)
A future-proof, privacy-safe solution
The competitive advantage of complete first-party data ownership
Unparalleled privacy legislation infringement risk reduction (including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), California Consumer Privacy Act and the South African Protection of Personal Privacy Act
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